Our story – continuing to develop and innovate…

Founded by Andrew Nordbruch in 2012, Wight Computers are an approachable IT company whose main aim is to help businesses embrace technology to become innovators within their own industries.

We believe that IT is there to support everyone, and we provide innovative technological solutions for all a business’s needs; from Proactive Support to the creation of Bespoke Software Applications. Constantly researching and experimenting with new technology, we help business owners and companies to operate more effectively – saving them precious time, money and resources.

As the first IT service provider to be awarded the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Quality in Business accreditation, we are proud to be able to add value to businesses through technology. We work across all industry sectors; from the neighbouring florist and radio station to a leading architect practice and estate agency and have an ongoing commitment to supporting local charities.

Our customers are our greatest asset and we are pleased to have formed great long-standing relationships with clients on both the Island and across the water in Portsmouth, Southampton, Fareham and beyond. With more than 90 reviews on the independent online review platform Google Business, 100% with a five-star rating, our customers are testimony to our work.

Our journey – from the past and into the future…

2004 - Andrew graduates from the University of Portsmouth with a First-Class Honours Degree in Internet Technology
2004 - Andrew becomes a member of the Alliance of Security Analysis Professionals
In his spare time, Andrew specialised in malware detection and removal from Windows systems, having spent years training and volunteering on various security websites such as Castle Cops. His own computer help site amassed over two million views and became the official support forum for several open source software products.
2007 - Andrew joins Island PC Services Ltd as a Computer Engineer
A highlight was installing new computer systems aboard a €50M superyacht in Monaco.
2008 - Andrew joined a few friends at Rapanui Clothing
An exciting start-up eco fashion company, Andrew created a large bespoke e-commerce website for Rapanui with a full content management system with advanced ordering and stock management systems.
2012 - Wight Computers Ltd is founded by Andrew
An approachable technology company on the Isle of Wight, offering innovative solutions for all IT needs.
2015 - John Collingwood joins the company
After spending 6 years in the USA as a freelance developer, John returns to the Isle of Wight and heads up the web & software development side of the company. During his time in the States he gained experience working with many companies to increase and improve their already existing web presence, and building many websites from scratch. Working closely with advertising agencies and marketing communications experts, John gained great insight into how web technologies can benefit every aspect of a business.
2016 - The first IT service provider on the Isle of Wight to be awarded with the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Quality in Business accreditation
Read more on our blog entry – Quailty in Business Accreditation
2017 - Ben Sollis, a University of Portsmouth Computing graduate, joins the team
Ben Sollis, a University of Portsmouth Computing graduate, joins as a full time IT Support Engineer.
2018 - Jamie Stone joins as Wight Computers first apprentice from the Isle of Wight College
Jamie joins as the first apprentice for the Newport based business. He graduated from the Isle of Wight College in 2018 and joined the established team of technology innovators who are all proud alumni of the College.
2018 - Finalist at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for Excellence
We were delighted to be a finalist in the Technology and Innovation Award category at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for Excellence 2018! Read more on our blog entry – Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for Excellence 2018.
2019 - Launch of the Wight Computers audIT
In 2019 we launched a new service to help businesses keep their IT systems up to date and secure – the ‘Wight Computers audIT’. Read more on our blog entry – Wight Computers launch new fit for business ‘audIT’.
2019 - Finalist at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for Excellence, Again!
We were delighted to be a finalist once again in the Technology and Innovation Award category at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business Awards for Excellence 2019! Read more on our blog entry – Nominated for Technology & Innovation Award 2019.

Meet The Team

We are a young, dynamic team with a thirst for all things related to technology. We love to create great ideas which we not only enjoy but are proud to share with others.

Each member of our team is friendly and approachable and can talk to our customers without bamboozling them with technical jargon! In our experience this is really important as we want all our customers to feel comfortable when dealing with us. As one of our long-standing clients once wrote about us, “Wight Computers are humans first, geeks second!”


Managing Director

BSc (Hons) Degree – Internet Technology, University of Portsmouth

I was flown out to Monaco to kit out a €50M superyacht with Wi-Fi

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” – It’s a well known phrase, but it can often fix annoying glitches!

The electric car (zero emissions and super high tech), or SpaceX’s reusable rockets!

I have programmed my garden to water itself!

Skateboarding (started lessons in 2018!) or working in my garden


Web & Software Developer

HND – Internet Development Technologies, University of Chichester

I lived in the United States of America for 6 years after completing my studies.

“This is impossible!” – 5 mins before solving the problem.

The World Wide Web – The world would be a much different place if it wasn’t for the work of Tim Berners-Lee.

A homemade RC quadcopter

Fire breathing and fire spinning on Appley beach


IT Support Engineer

BSc (Hons) Degree – Computing, University of Portsmouth

I have never been abroad (I have left the Island though!)

“What are you guys doing for lunch?”

Personal Computers – Without them I wouldnt have the interests or career I do now. I am amazed at how quickly they have developed from huge machines that would take up a whole room, to credit card size computers!

I coded a screen in our office to display the names of incoming callers from our CRM system, so that we can help customers quickly.

In the woods playing with toy guns with grown men.


IT Support Engineer

HND for IT Practitioners – South Leicestershire College

I used to play for Leicester City youth team until a knee injury cut my football career short.

(And… my name is actually Ben, but we already had a Ben in the team when I joined, and we didn’t want to confuse everyone with another one!)

“Have you got any plans for this evening / weekend?”

The games console – I have a real passion for gaming and write games reviews for a UK gaming news outlet website for fun.

I’m looking into making my house automated; from having the lights turn on by themselves at specific times to boiling the kettle first thing in the morning by voice command.

Running around a field as I’m a local football referee on the Island most weekends.

And introducing our honorary team member…

We love all things related to technology and have lots of great ideas but are not always sure how to let people know what we do and how we can help them, so it’s great to have Dee on board to support us with our PR & Marketing.

Dee has more years than she cares to remember in sales and marketing roles working with some of the top UK companies including Boots, Liz Earle, John Lewis and QVC. She has a unique combination of business skills and expertise to bring to the table and although she doesn’t work in the office with us, she’s a frequent visitor and very much part of the team so we thought it was only fair that Dee had a team profile too!


Sales & Marketing Professional

None! (Well no official ones anyway). I’m self-taught with a lot of help from my friends like the guys at Wight Computers!

I’m half-Austrian and speak a bit of German

“The devil is in the detail” (“It is what it is” comes a close second!)

The reusable coffee cup

Using my old gift boxes to organise my herbs and spices

Having coffee with friends – anywhere that also has cakes

quality-in-business-accreditaton-logo Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Member

If you would like to see how we can help your business, please get in touch.