Andrew Nordbruch

Andrew Nordbruch

Managing Director.

Founder of Wight Computers.

He programmed a computer to water his garden for him.

Andrew joined the team…
in 2012. When he was the team, flying solo for the first three years.

IT credentials:
BSc (Hons) Degree – Internet Technology, University of Portsmouth.

Career highlight before Wight Computers…
Andrew created a large bespoke e-commerce website for eco-fashion company, Rapanui with a full content management system with advanced ordering and stock management systems.

Andrew Nordbruch with awards

Most often heard to say:
“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” – It’s a well-known phrase, but it can often fix annoying glitches!

Favourite invention:
The electric car (zero emissions and super high tech), or SpaceX’s reusable rockets.

When he’s not at work:
“I’m working in my garden (I love to grow my own fruit & veg), supporting local hospitality(!) or enjoying a walk somewhere on the Island.”

Fascinating facts:
“I was once flown out to Monaco to kit out a €50M superyacht with Wi-Fi! I also took part in a TV show called the Naked Office… but to be clear, we’re all fully clothed at Wight Computers.”

His colleagues say:
“Andrew is all-knowing… especially if there’s something that Ben doesn’t know.”

“He makes us turn the heating off when he’s not here.”