Ben Sollis

Ben Sollis

IT Support Engineer.

He’s been here since 2017.

He’s the “answers guy”, but he’s also thinking about lunch.

Ben joined the team…
in 2017, after a previous career in customer service.

IT credentials:
BSc (Hons) Degree – Computing, University of Portsmouth.

Career highlight before Wight Computers…
Working for a classy supermarket (you know the one), where Ben learnt a lot about customer engagement and high levels of service.

Most often heard to say:
“Hello, Wight Computers how can I help?”

The best part of the job:
“The variety. You never know who is going to call in, and the range of things we work on is huge. I’ve built great relationships with so many customers and I’ve been in lots of interesting places! Being called out to a large supermarket, mending their server and dealing with their international IT department was an interesting day!”

Ben Sollis stood at desk

Favourite invention:
“Obvious one, but the Personal Computer. Without them I wouldn’t have the interests or career I do now. I am amazed at how quickly they have developed from huge machines that would take up a whole room, to credit card size computers!”

When he’s not at work:
In the Gym or playing Airsoft somewhere along the South coast.

Fascinating facts:
If you call Wight Computers, your call arrives on a screen coded by Ben to display the names of incoming callers from our CRM system, to help customers quickly.

His colleagues say:
“He’s always happy. And Ben always knows the answer”