Tom Smith

Tom Smith

IT Support Engineer.

The “Windows guy”.

The one who puts the kettle on.

Tom joined the team…
in 2021, having studied with Ben at the same university and the same school.

IT credentials:
BSc (Hons) Degree – Web and Game Technology, University of Portsmouth.

Career highlight before Wight Computers…
Working for an engineering company, where he became their “go to guy” for IT.

Most often heard to say:
“Who wants a coffee?” or
“Check out the uptime on this!” (when seeing how long a PC has been powered on continuously for) is a bit of a catchphrase.

Tom Smith at desk

The best part of the job:
“I thought I was pretty good with IT but every day I’m learning something new. I really enjoy it. We work with lots of different technologies, bringing them together and helping businesses to make the most of it all.”

Favourite invention:
High-speed Internet.

When he’s not at work:
“Pondering on what is going to break on my stupid car next…”

Fascinating facts:
“I’m slowly making everything in my house controllable from my phone!”

His colleagues say:
“Tom’s new to the team so he brings fresh eyes and a different perspective.”