We have created multiple bespoke software applications for a diverse array of clients. These applications are fast, web-based software that work on all modern devices to increase their workflow efficiency. This leads to savings in both time and money. We have highlighted a couple of examples of this work below.

Case Study 1 – Caterwight

The management at Caterwight reached out to us wanting to revolutionise their workflow. They service catering grade equipment on a large scale all over the Island. With up to 8 on-the-road engineers and an office location, they had very obviously outgrown their paper based solution. They were looking for an alternative to paper job sheets for the on-call engineers as well as a more cohesive solution for in the office.

caterwight signature capture

The customer signs the electronic job sheet by drawing their signature on the engineer’s touch screen.

After assessing their needs, we designed and developed a system that would allow a job sheet to be entered by office staff and picked up on the road by the engineer using his mobile tablet. Once the engineer arrives at the location, they are then able to fill out all the relevant information, take the customer signature to confirm completed work and automatically move the job onto the next step (invoicing and billing) before they even leave the customer’s site. This was a vast improvement over paper job sheets that could go missing or stayed in vans overnight before making it back to the office.

Another improvement with our system was an integrated calendar. This allows them to better visualise jobs that are coming up, the jobs status and also the assigned engineer. Although Caterwight had been utilising Google Calendar to do this already it was not without its problems. Lacking integration, it had the potential to lead to mistakes. Forgotten jobs, mistyped data etc. It was really just another convoluted step in an already time consuming process. With our integrated calendar everything is done automatically. Jobs appear on the calendar without need for entering into a second system, job statuses change live as engineers complete work on the road and most importantly, everyone in the company is seeing the same information.

caterwight calendar system

Jobs are viewed on a calendar, and can be filtered by both status and assigned engineer.

A bespoke solution for Caterwight allows us to adapt the development to their needs. Their new system now has a personalised parts list. This is a list of parts that engineers can add to a job sheet as they use them. Switches, valves, pumps etc. These are chargeable to the customer and an engineer is now able to select from a list of available parts, or add a new one that can be recalled next time he (or any other engineers) needs to use that part.


All parts stored on the system can be found easily through a search feature.

Case Study 2 – Isle of Wight Compost

Isle of Wight Compost had been looking for an online booking system and got in contact with us. They wanted a simple but effective way to provide and handle their online bookings as well as orders taken over the phone. After our initial analysis it was decided that we could provide an extra layer of integration with their already established website. It was also decided they wanted to offer the option of SMS alerts for the customer as well as the more traditional email option. This was, of course something we were able to integrate seamlessly into our bespoke design.

wight compost sms confirmation

Example of an SMS (text message) confirmation sent to a customer after placing an order.

Another feature that we developed for Isle of Wight Compost was a way to visualise their orders on a map. The aim was to help them streamline the process of assigning drivers and delivery dates/times. We were able to integrate Google Maps into the solution so that they could see the locations where deliveries needed to be made, and sort them by when they needed to be delivered by. This is an automated process, as bookings statuses are changed, the map is updated in real time.

wight compost map feature

An interactive Google Map shows the location of all outstanding deliveries, making it easy to visualise where the driver needs to go.

When it came to integrating with their existing website, it was decided that to decrease work load and minimise pricing inconsistences the price of their products should be held in only one location and outputted on the website from the booking system. When a price is updated in the booking system, it updates their website and booking form too.

wight compost booking page

The booking system has been neatly integrated into Wight Compost’s website so that product prices are updated in just one place.