Wight Computers at Business Expo 2018

A couple of weeks ago we exhibited at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo for the first time. Having visited the Expo several years running, we decided this year was the right time for us to exhibit to show off our skills.

We spent a long time planning our stands which had built-in computer screens, and software that we developed to produce a fun and educational game on the topic of password security.

We created an interactive app that worked across multiple screens to help draw people into our stand. This attracted the attention of passers by wondering “What’s going on over there?!”

The guest at the stand was handed a tablet computer to make their password selections on. Once the answers where submitted, the screen integrated into our stand displayed the results.

After developing this interactive, multiscreen app I quickly realised its potential in other areas. Similar technology could be used at tourist attractions like museums for example, to provide an interactive but educational exhibit.
John Collingwood, Web & Software Developer

You could also tweet the #IWBizExpo hashtag and a colour to instantly change the colour of a lit up PC on our stand! This further demonstrated our programming skills and allowed us to engage with many visitors who enjoyed interacting with the technology on our stand via social media. We spoke to many new faces and gained some exciting leads.

We also increased our brand exposure and demonstrated our expertise at the event by creating several innovative solutions for the Chamber to assist with the visitor registration process and an interactive app for Amazon Alexa to enhance the visitor experience.

Smart Registration & Check-in System

We created a smart registration & check-in system that removed the bottleneck of looking for a name badge when arriving at the event. Instead, visitors would scan their issued barcode from their phone screen or printout and be printed out a name badge in just seconds. Visitors who had not pre-registered could use a touchscreen to quickly enter their details to print a badge and be included in a prize draw. This data provided valuable insights to the Chamber which we presented to them in a report, showing the number of visitors, and importantly what times of the day were busiest.

The sign in system that Wight Computers devised for EXPO 2018 was extremely quick and easy to use. The barcode was scanned directly from my phone and that was it, no time wasted looking for my name on a desk full of hundreds of badges!
Martin Timbers, IW Design and Print

Auto-Updating Dashboards

There were large TV screens situated around the Expo site, which we powered up with bespoke dashboards for the day. These showed events throughout the day and welcomed visitors who had just signed in at the front desk.

Amazon Alexa App

We also programmed an Amazon Alexa app, which gave visitors the opportunity to ask Alexa what events were on throughout the day, and where you could find individual exhibitors e.g. “Where are Wight Fibre located?” “What event is on next?”.

I really enjoyed working with Alexa, allowing specific Expo related questions to be asked, and getting a correct customised response, depending on what Alexa heard you say.

This was a challenge due to Alexa not being able to understand many company names, including “Wight Computers” which it kept thinking was “White Computers”!

We had to spend a lot of time training and testing Alexa, to make sure she understood each company name that we said. The results made it worthwhile though as you can see in the video above!
Jamie Stone, Apprentice Web & Software Developer

Congratulations to Mike & Sue Cox from the Rosetta Group and Open Sauce Systems who won an Amazon Echo in our business card prize draw!

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our experience exhibiting at this year’s Expo, we had a fantastic time! If you couldn’t make the day, we hope to see you next year where our stand will be even bigger and better!

In the meantime, if you have any IT needs that we can help with, please get in touch 😃

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