Software updates

Keeping your software up to date automatically

It is really important to keep programs up to date on your computer. Although it can be a pain to install patches to the latest version of your programs, you risk leaving your computer open to security vulnerabilities. Updates also frequently add new features for free and fix bugs with the previous versions.

Secunia have created a free online scanner to help you quickly find out what programs you have on your computer that are out of date and what you need to do about it. Check out the ‘Online Software Inspector‘. You’ll need Java installed in order to run the online scan (a program that is important to keep updated!)

Online Software Inspector

Alternatively you can install the free ‘Personal Software Inspector‘ and run it from your own computer. Like the online version, this will scan your computer for vulnerable programs and alert you of updates. But not only that, it will even install them for you with just a few clicks!

Personal Software Inspector

So why not stop ignoring those annoying popups and let this useful free program help you out!