Start 8 - Windows 8 Start Menu

Restore your Windows 8 Start Menu with Start 8

To many PC users’ annoyance, Microsoft removed the “Start” menu in Windows 8, forcing users to use the tiled interface to locate and launch programs and search for files.

Stardock Corporation have created a great program that completely restores the full Start Menu that you are used to. Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop, bypassing the modern interface and start screen, with the Start8 Windows 8 start menu. Return the familiarity of the classic Windows start menu and start button to Windows 8 with Start8.


  • Adds a start button to the Windows 8 desktop.
  • Adds an enhanced Windows 7-style start menu
  • Pin Windows 8 (Modern UI) apps to the start menu
  • Boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop

Try Start8 free for 30 days, then if you like it, purchase it for only $4.99.