Securing your Twitter account after it has been “hacked”

If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have your Twitter account “hacked”, there are a few steps you should take in addition to just changing your account password.

1 Step 1 – Change your password.

It sounds obvious but make sure you change your account password as a precaution. If you’ve lost access to your account you’ll need to go through the ‘forgot your password‘ option. Read our tips on how to choose a good password that’s secure yet easy to remember.

2 Step 2 – Check your authorised apps.

You may have inadvertently authorised an application to use your Twitter account. Check which applications are authorised to use your account. Remove any that you don’t recognise as these may be posting tweets or DMs on your behalf.

3 Step 3 – Update your password in all your devices.

You should update your password in all your devices and any external applications that you use, otherwise your account maybe temporarily suspended due to incorrect login attempts.

4 Step 4 – Clean up!

Finally you should let your followers know that your account was compromised and to avoid clicking on any links that you may have messaged them. Delete any tweets or DMs that were sent out containing dodgy links.