Wight Computers featured as case study for TechIslandUK

We are delighted to have been featured as one of TechIslandUK’s 12 case studies of digital business entrepreneurs on the Isle of Wight, alongside other great Island businesses including Wight Fibre and Stainless Games.

The new TechIslandUK website is being launched today at the Digital Solent Conference in Cowes.

The TechislandUK Initiative is designed to stimulate the debate about how to develop the Isle of Wight’s economy as a digital economy and create a social movement for change. The TechIsland UK initiative aims to explore how digital can provide the means and ends to transform the economy of this naturally bounded community. The Isle of Wight like other Island economies faces structural challenges for economic development.

Case Study – Wight Computers

Our case study highlights how we utilise Digital Technology to monitor our customers IT equipment remotely, no matter where they are located in the world. Should a problem be detected, we can take control of the machine remotely and deal with it quickly, before it becomes a problem for the customer.

We also create our own apps & software, and host them at a local datacentre on the Island. This allows our customers to access their business critical applications from anywhere, safe in the knowledge that their data is backed up, and also allows us easy access to maintain and expand the equipment.

View the full Wight Computers TechIslandUK case study.

More about TechIslandUK

You can find out more about the TechIslandUK initiative at http://www.techislanduk.com/about-us/our-mission/


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