Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Released

Microsoft has today released a major update for the latest version of Windows – 8.1.

The upgrade is provided free via the Windows Store and will install over the top of your existing system, keeping all your apps, programs and files intact.

Windows 8.1 includes a barrage of new features and interface changes, including new sizes of Start screen live tiles, the return of the desktop Start button, a revamped search facility and a completely redesigned Windows Store.

The changes in 8.1 include:

  • start button – tapping once on this brings up the tiled interface and a long press opens up system controls
  • desktop mode – lets people avoid the tiled interface entirely
  • keyboard shortcuts – removes the need to toggle between different on-screen keyboards when typing numbers and letters
  • gesture control – some applications, such as those for cooking, can now be paged through without touching a screen
  • tile sizing – the blocks on the touchscreen interface can be in one of four sizes
  • web browsing – Windows 8 machines will now display separate web pages side by side

A host of other changes, including better support for multi-tasking and improved links to Microsoft’s Xbox game console, are also in the update.

We would strongly recommend installing the free 8.1 upgrade if you are currently using Windows 8.

Don’t forget to check out Start 8 if you want to completely restore the Start Menu in Windows 8.

Start 8 - Windows 8 Start Menu

Restore your Windows 8 Start Menu with Start 8



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