Technology EXPOsure for Wight Computers

Last month we exhibited at the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo 2019. It was our second time as exhibitors and we also launched our new-look branding on the day.

Our newly refreshed stands had built-in computer screens, and showed off some of the latest technology that we have been working on.

The Wight Computers Cloud

This year’s theme highlighted the benefit of cloud backups and services. Our bespoke-made mechanised “cloud” could be controlled by visitors to the stand, using either a touchscreen tablet or a custom skill we made for Amazon Alexa. A quick tap and their business card was “uploaded to the cloud” to enter our prize draw.

Congratulations went to Janet Slinn from Stargazers Cottage whose business card was picked from our “cloud”, meaning she won our ultimate PC package!

The winner of our ultimate PC package was Janet Slinn from Stargazers Cottage!
Our custom made biscuits sporting our new logo proved to be very popular!

Express Check-in System

Building upon last year’s contribution to helping the Chamber, we created two express check-in systems utilising barcode technology. Visitors who had pre-registered online enjoyed speedy, straight-forward entry to the event, instead of looking through hundreds of name badges. This data also provided valuable insights to the Chamber which we presented to them in a report, showing the number of visitors, and importantly what times of the day were busiest.

Watch our Expo 2019 Video

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our experience exhibiting at this year’s Expo, we had a fantastic time! This year we were busier than ever, we’re thrilled that so many people visited our stand and enjoyed interacting with our innovative technology, it made the whole day hugely rewarding!

If you couldn’t make the day, we hope to see you next year where our stand will be even bigger and better! In the meantime, if you have any IT needs that we can help with, please get in touch 😃

Janet enjoying her newly setup PC package that she won at Expo 2019.

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