Windows 11 is here! But don’t rush to upgrade

Microsoft previously mentioned that Windows 10 would be the final version of their operating system, with continuous updates, similar to the Apple universe. It turns out this is not the case!

Windows 11 has been released today and in our opinion, is a fairly minor update to Windows. There are some visual changes and alterations on how the system works under the hood, but overall there’s nothing to immediately shout about.

Free upgrade for modern PCs

Once again, the upgrade to Windows 11 is free of charge if you have Windows 10. However, there are strict hardware requirements that mean Windows 11 will only work on modern PCs.

Hardware requirements

Generally speaking, most PCs purchased in the past few years will be upgradeable to Windows 11.

A key requirement of Windows 11 is that your PC must have a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0. This is a security chip built into modern computers. If you don’t have one, you won’t be able to upgrade to Windows 11.

Additionally, only processors released in the last 4 years are supported. There is an extensive list available on the Microsoft website.

As Windows 11 starts to get rolled out to manufacturers, it will be normal for PCs to come with it already installed from new.

Don’t rush to upgrade

It’s not tried and tested yet for business. It will take a while for all the important work applications you use to be tested with Windows 11. Being an early adopter risks breaking a system that works.

Windows 10 is great and will continue to be supported and receive security updates until October 2025.

We will review our opinion on upgrading to Windows 11 in Q1 2022!

Radio interview

Since writing this article, Andrew has since spoken to Vectis Radio about Windows 11. You can listen to the interview online.

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